Redesigned UI

The completely redesigned user interface now provides a more intuitive and touch friendly experience.

Offline Exams

No internet? No problem! Take any exam offline with a virtual proctor guiding the way.


We can now customize the exams and the user interface to best meet your needs and requirements.

The New SCSI Testing
Tablet MKII

A newly redesigned testing platform that is unthethered from the internet.

Meet our newest addition: the MKII Testing Tablet. Redesigned and optimized with the user in mind, this tablet is the only one of its kind available on the market now. Redesigned from the inside out, our MKII tablet meshes an impressive user experience and user interface with top-of-the-line technology and security features, allowing your company to be at ease when it comes to sensitive material and test integrity.

The astonishing aesthetic appeal of our tablet is second only to its incredible functionality and thoughtful programming, allowing candidates to feel less stress while taking the exam. Our tablet has the potential to test both online and offline; in both scenarios, the candidate is guided through the exam, leading to a streamlined process with no room for user error.

Our new proprietary SCSI Testing Tablet MKII has been redesigned from the bottom up to provide your company with the flexibility it deserves and to give your testing candidates an unmatched testing experience. Whether connected or disconnected from the internet, you can take an exam in any language and in any modality without having to worry about internet connectivity or bandwidth usage on metered connections.

Where our tablet really sets itself apart from the competition, though, is in its offline testing capabilities. No matter where in the world a candidate finds him or herself in: a military base, a war zone, a big city or a rural town, the exam can be administered and completed successfully with no breaches in protocol or integrity. How? Our tablet works independently of internet connectivity.

When testing offline, the MKII tablet is designed in what we call secure mode. What that means is that essentially, the candidate has no ability to exit the testing portal, or move to any browsers or pages within the tablet. The only item that lives on the tablet is the exam.

The offline testing process is easy and smooth. The candidate is guided through the entirety of the exam by our virtual proctor, Anna, who provides instructions at every section of the exam. Our interface is touch-friendly, allowing the candidate to glide through the exam without wondering what comes next, or where to click. Each timed section is equipped with a timer, changing colors from green, to yellow, to red, to ensure all candidates are able to appropriately pace themselves throughout the sections.

User experience is at the core of this tablet, and it was our mission to create a product that candidates intuitively know how to use because of its simple and thoughtful design. From the tablet itself, which boasts an adaptive display, to the design of the exam pages and even the buttons and colors used throughout the program, we carefully designed each detail with the consumer in mind.

The beauty of the MKII is not only in its UX/UI, but also in its phenomenal adaptability to be used in any industry. Uploading exams is a simple process, and our team can take care of this for you in less than a day, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy all that this tablet has to offer. Our proprietary MKII tablet can also be used online, wherein all exams are live-proctored by our dedicated and highly experienced team of proctors, ensuring the integrity of the exam is never compromised. Both offline and online exams are recorded and uploaded to a secure server. The only difference is that the recordings from the offline exams are reviewed by our in-house proctors as an additional quality control measure, providing a second layer of security and certainty that the exam is valid.

Enjoy a testing experience like no other. Experience SCSI’s unrivaled MKII testing tablet. 

Explore how the SCSI Testing Tablet MKII can transform your business.